17 de diciembre, 2019

Conferencia del equipo 300.000km/s. Premio Nacional de Urbanismo por el CSCAE


Conferencia del equipo catalán 300.000km/s
Premio Nacional de Urbanismo por el CSCAE por:
Plan de Usos de Ciutat Vella de Barcelona 


Título: El Big Data como herramienta de análisis urbanístico


València, miércoles 18 de diciembre de 2019 a las 18h
Organizada por la Universidad Europea de Valencia con la colaboración del CTAV





‘We are a professional firm of architects, urban planners and engineers that provides design, data analysis and consulting services for cities.


We innovate. We apply technology to architecture, city and territory. We look for new ways of transforming the environment. We work in the fields of urban analysis, cartography, urban planning, development of digital tools and digital humanities. Our knowledge comes from architecture, urbanism, analysis of geographic data, urban history, restoration, museology, product design, project management and software development.


We work with data. Data is crucial in our activity as urban designers. Data on almost every city – from demographics and employment to transport and health – has become much more accessible. This access, as well as the ability to use and share the data, will bring huge potential for understanding urban problems and for designing more sustainable and equitable cities.


We influence. We provide data analytics services and data products to help urban stakeholders make better data -driven decisions.


We work with. In the past years, we collaborated successfully with public bodies, international firms, cultural institutions and organisations.’